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9 Exotic Combinations

Delicious with almost everything, FireFruits™combine great flavor with different degrees of hotness to satisfy the flavor profiles of both beginners and fiery heat lovers.

Originally from Asia, limes have been used for thousands of years for culinary purposes. Lime and cilantro balance each other perfectly. The zingy hit of citrus, the refreshing, herbal taste of cilantro and the heat from the habaneros creates the “Perfect Storm” for your taste buds. Refreshing and Fiery is the most accurate description for this Hot sauce made of Lime, fresh cilantro, orange habaneros blended with fresh garlic, onion and spices like culantro and oregano. Our Lime Cilantro - Habanero will give zesty flavor to your favorite foods. Try it and you will be hooked!!!
Originated in the Indonesia region, the coconut is consumed in the liquid as well as the solid form. The pulp of the fruit is crunchy, sweet and juicy. Thanks to its soft, sweet and exotic flavor, it is ideal for desserts. We believe is ideal to be mixed with habaneros to make one of the most unique and delicious hot sauce in the market. After you try our Coconut - Habanero Artisanal Hot Sauce you will feel your mouth dancing the Macarena!!!
Tomatoes are fruits of thin skin, sweet and pleasant.
The flavor usually has a slightly acid flavor which is compensated for by its particular sweetness. Currently, the tomato is one of the most popular foods, due in part to its versatility and how easy it is to combine well with a wide variety of foods and herbs. From Italian Dishes to Caribbean Soups, the Tomato Garlic Habanero Artisanal Hot Sauce is your perfect choice to add a unique kick of tomato, garlic flavor and heat in your mouth.
Guayaba is the Spanish name for Guava and was originated from Central America. The guava is one of those fruits unmistakable by its aroma and taste tempting. It is certainly one of the most delicious fruits that exist. By its peculiar flavor can be used in sweet or savory dishes. The marriage of guava with habaneros is unique and will create an explosion of flavor in your mouth.
Tamarind’s are originally from Africa but it is cultivated in Asia since 2000 B.C. The Tamarind pulp was first used as a condiment in Asia and in Latin America. Today around of the world it is used to make sweet and sour sauces, desserts, beverages and other distinctive recipes. This Asian Inspired Artisanal Hot Sauce is made with sweet and sour Tamarinds, fiery hot habaneros and ethnics spices. This exotic an amazing blend is unarguably a palate pleasing. If you have never tasted a tamarind, this is a great opportunity to do it! Use it to enhance your favorite dishes.
The flavor of the avocado pulp is similar to that of hazelnut and walnut. Native from Puebla, Mexico, this Mexican Inspired Artisanal Hot sauce made with creamy avocado, orange habaneros, blended with tasty cilantro, tomato, garlic and spices like culantro, oregano and others. This Artisanal Hot Sauce will infuse avocado flavor into your favorite appetizers, salads, sandwiches or any dish you would use avocado.  
Original from Brazil, the pineapple began to grow for the first time in the island of Hawaii at the end of the 19th century. The pineapple has a juicy pulp, exotic aroma and refreshing taste of sweet and acid. Ananas means "excellent fruit" in the indigenous language. A delightfully Sweet and Hot combination of Pineapple with orange habaneros blended with fresh garlic, onion and spices like culantro, oregano and others. This exotic hot sauce can be used to enrich your favorite appetizers, salads and main dishes.
The mango comes originally from the Northwest of the India. It was cultivated for the first time approximately five thousand years ago. Thanks to its peculiar and exquisite taste, it is considered the King of the tropical fruits. The pulp is orange-yellow, sweet, juicy, refreshing and very tasty. Mangoes and habaneros make the perfect Sweet and Hot combination.
Try it and will fall in love with it!!!

FireFruits™ Artisanal Hot Sauces are All Natural, Gluten Free, low in calories but HUGE in flavor.

With FireFruits™ Artisanl Hot Sauces the possibilities are endless.

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